Ultra Wealthy turn to White Glove Service amidst Pandemic Lockdown

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Amidst a global pandemic, brands and establishments are serving Bangkok’s millionaire elite with old school hospitality: White Glove Service

“Our top clients are… high-net-worth individuals who are VIP from the banks,” – Silver Voyage Club founder Jakkapun Rattanapet to AFP

It’s been a pandemic that has seen widening income inequality as the resulting coronavirus economic freeze eviscerates jobs, widening the chasm between the rich and poor in country, already among the most unequal nations in the world.

For rich Bangkokians the pandemic and the resulting inconvenience of restricted movement has seen businesses respond to the demands arising from curfews, restricted movement and closures of luxury lifestyle establishments by offering new traditional services to meet increasing demands of the wealthy elite. From high-end meals prepared by gourmet restaurants to luxury brand shopping, concierge companies like the Silver Voyage Club offer “ultra luxury” experiences like limousine services and white glove delivery.
Jakkapun Rattanapet, founder of Silver Voyage Club, pivoted to White Glove Delivery after their concierge business nose dived together with global business travel. Luxury hotel restaurants and Michelin Guide marques feature among some of the offerings, delivered via a butler with white gloves, who also sets up the table and presents the food, as seen in Downton Abbey.
In terms of retail experiences, brands like Louis Vuitton have been offering white glove services where luxury goods are ordered at their platforms and then delivered to homes, a nascent and growing experience in an age where luxury experiences have  been all but halted amid social distancing regulations.
According to Forbes rich list, Thailand is home to 27 billionaires. 

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